The cleint I was setting up yesterday citizen clothing thier givex gift cards were very difficult to get working. the issue was VERY CONFUSING PAPER WORK. The setup Tech (Stephen) set it up according to the paper work which was incorrect. The Paper work did have the proper info on it but hand written which mad it confusing. I also called NOVA who was the processor and they gave me incorrect information stating that the configuration that stephen had put in was correct and that we had to call PCCHARGE. Once we got it all sorted out here is the correct config for GIVEX GIFT CARDS in PCCHARGE. We need the GIVEX USER ID and PIN number. in PCCHARGE under gift card company use the default port and server info. The person at NOVA told me to change the server addres and port to nova address which was not correct NOVA does not process gift cards. that was the other mis-config on this setup the paper work shows a MID which was the NOVA MID. We needed the GIVEX UID. also in the PPC_EFT.INI the GIFT Processor needs to say GVEX NOT NOVA, and the merch number needs to be the the UID of GIVEX. I also made a mistake here mispelling the procesor in the EFT_PCC.INI I typed in GIVEX when the code that PCC accepts is GVEX. when I had the wrong spelling I got an error unable to process tender ID 0 putting the coorect code fixed it.

this added hours to my install, Ihave requested that OLEG get test gift cards from the cleint of the processor so gift cards could be tested before installation.

I would like to show the paper work for this install at a tech meeting so then sales can see what they need to do. I understand why Stephen set it up wrong becasue the paper work shows that info.

PS if we have people on GIVEX that are using dailup to auth gift cards we should call them now that we know the proper setups