I was getting errors but when I renamed my pending inventory it worked fine. I am transfering his entire RPRO directory to my PC to see if I can figure out what it is doing. as I was writing my notes I thought about the other stations I saw this morning when we were initilizing. I saw another info station. he said that one is working fine and not having a problem. I am going to reload RPRO into a fresh directory and only move over the necessary files to eliminate his install as the problem. I am still going to let the files transfer incase this does not fix it. we loaded a fresh install of RPRO and tested initilzed fresh worked fine, but some of the prefs did not come over and we were unable to initilize the prefs over for any INF station. I tried copying prefs from a remote and it didnt initilize over either. we took the pref files from the version that was having the problem and then we put in in the new install and then we got the error. I had renamed the good ones and reloaced them one at a time. it was the setup1.dat file that was the problem. I took the setup1.dat from the main and installed it and then it worked. I took the bad setup 1 and transfered to me and it also broke my system sent note to tech group, and also sent the bad file to RTI.