Family Key Logger removal
Spyware Family Key Logger Information
Name: Family Key Logger
Category: Keylogger
Dangerous: Yes
Family Key Logger is capable of logging keystrokes you type in any windows application of web form. Including your passwords, emails and other sensitive data.
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Below listed processes dlls registry entries files directories are part of this spyware. To manually get rid of it, follow these instructions (at your own risk).Family Key Logger Removal Instructions
Kill the following processes
acl.exe, cisvc.exe, familykeylogger.exe, uninstall.exe
Unregister the following DLLs and reboot
cisvc.dll, keylogger.dll in Program Filesfamilykeylogger

Delete these registry entries

Remove the following files
acl.exe, download lastest version.url, file_id.diz, license.txt, mail to support.url, program’s home page.url, read it.txt, readme.txt, registration.url.
family key logger.lnk in Desktop
family key logger.lnk, help.lnk, quick start.lnk, reset settings.lnk, uninstall.lnk in Program FilesCommon Filesfamily key logger
download lastest version.lnk, mail to support.lnk, registration.lnk in Program FilesCommon Filesfamily key loggerlinks
cisvc.dll, cisvc.exe, familykeylogger.exe, fkl.chm, keylogger.dll, quickstart.html, resetsettings.bat, uninstall.exe in Program Filesfamilykeylogger

Remove the following directories
Program FilesCommon Filesfamily key logger
Program Filesfamilykeylogger

Keylogger . Family Keylogger (Summary)

Software Name: Family Keylogger
Company Name: KMiNT21 Software
Product Name: Family Keylogger
Classification: Keylogger

Spy software that logs all keystrokes into a text file.

Some of the Keylogger.Family Keylogger components are listed below. The list is compiled as a reference. The list might not be complete and it doesn’t represent instructions for manual removal. We DO NOT recommend manual removal. Incorrect removal of certain software might make your computer unstable or even unusable.
Removal of adware component might affect the related ad-supported software.

If you suspect that you have an unwanted instance of Family Keylogger installed on your computer we recommend a free audit of your system with INAC Anti Spyware.

Family Keylogger might create following folders (and inject its files inside the folders):

%PROGRAMS%Family Keylogger


Family Keylogger might create following files (some of the files might be loaded in memory while the software is running):




Family Keylogger is often accompanied by the following tracking cookies:


Family Keylogger might create following registry keys (and inject subkeys and values):


Family Keylogger might create following registry values:


Family Keylogger might create registry values with following data:


Family Keylogger might insert following entries in the HOSTS file: