” Add your Payee into your vendor file as a separate vendor. Put as much information as possible. I.E. address, phone
” Go into a new voucher and click on the “Payee/Comment” tab
” Right click>interface>page designer>set up fields
” Once in set up fields, highlight the payee/comment group
” Drag payee address 1,2,3, phone from the available fields column into the member of group column. Position them in the order you want them on your screen.
” Add Payee address 1,2,3, phone to your doc design
” When making a voucher where the vendor and payee are different, go to the “Payee/Comment” tab.
” Click on Payee Name. Click on the drop down button and choose the Payee from your list of vendors. Click OK
” It will populate your Payee fields