Only 15721 customers can fit on a 1.44MB diskette when exported in comma-delimited format from RPRO. Therefore, TO EXPORT ALL CUSTOMERS: Export all customers to default file RPROCLIENT.PRN. Use PKZIP to span the file across diskettes, then be sure to include PKUNZIP on a separate diskette to be sent to the mailing list company. Otherwise the mailing company might not be able to unzip the file. OPTIONAL CHOICES: 1. If less than 15721 customers, you can export directly to a diskette, by placing A: before CLIENT.PRN when exporting, therefore bypassing the RPRO directory it goes to by default. 2. To drop into root directory when exporting, or any other directory, place the correct directory in front CLIENT.PRN before exporting. IE: to send to disk type A:client.prn