EXCEL 2010

Know problem with Microsoft excel 2010 – can not export to excel

RPI Knowledgebase:
Article ID: 00056
Office 2010 Compatibility
There have been reports that users cannot export to Excel from Retail Pro v8 and v9 when using Microsoft Office 2010. This export problem is only an issue if you have installed the Microsoft Office Click-To-Run editions instead of the MSI-based edition of Microsoft Office.

Programs installed with Click-to-Run are virtualized, so they don’t conflict with other applications and they also support streaming which means a user can start using the application before it has even finished downloading. The problem for Retail Pro users is that the Excel.exe found in an MSI-based installation does not exist in the local machine when using Click-To-Run. Retail Pro needs to use this executable in order to export to Excel. If you want to export from Retail Pro to Excel you will need to switch to the MSI-based installation. The steps to do this are easy and found below.
Switch from Office Click-to-Run to MSI-based Office
The license is the same. You do not need a new Product Key. If you have any questions, contact Microsoft Support.
1. Save all work, and then close all programs.
2. In Control Panel, open Programs and Features to see a list of installed programs.
3. Click Microsoft Office Click-To-Run 2010, and then click Uninstall.
4. To remove Microsoft Office Click-to-Run, click Yes.
5. Go to the Microsoft Office alternative fulfillment page.
6. Click My account.
7. Click Download, and then click Advanced options.
8. Follow the instructions.
9. To install the MSI-based Microsoft Office edition, run SingleImage.exe.
10. When prompted, type your Product Key to continue.