V8 and V9 tools are at:


For the V8 tool you can run the tool via the command line

For example:

fixemv.exe WS:04 /r

That will trigger it to run using workstation 4’s folder. The /r = run. It will close automatically.

The tool looks back to the beginning of the year for any emv transactions that qualify (you must have the associated sa#####.EMV file in the folder with the history. It will update the tender record with the term DEBIT. It will have to be run at each location that has made affected documents. (you can’t simply run it at the main) So you will have to run it then regenerate.

NOTE the v8 tool comes with an INI file that is created automatically anytime you run the utility if it is not already present. The only parameter it has is the log level. I have included one in the attached zip file. It is set to log at level 3, the highest level so that you have a record of what was changed.

For the V9 tool, it too can be run from the command line using the included RuncryptSQL.exe. To see a list of command line paramters just go to the help screen.

To run the script itself do the following

Extract the included files to the Retailpro9 folder on the server.

Launch RunCryptSQL.exe

Goto File

Locate the fixdebit.encrypt file

Type the password into the password field. (the password is fixdebit )

Choose run.