To check or change the eltron settings for density, speed, and other settings:
make a text file with the commands-
U =Prints the current settings
Dn where (n)= density from 0 to 11

this is the exact syntax of the File ALL CAPS!!! =enter
from the dos prompt type:edit eltron.txt


then save the file. then type in from the prompt: copy eltron.txt lpt1 (or what ever port the printer is on.) it will print a bunch of stuff. look for the D value it should be D3 you can change the denisty from 0 (lightest) to 11 darkest

Also on the header of every document is the D command the default for tags is D11 change it to the D you want and then save to document. this command when sent will reset the printer to the denisity specified on in the header.