v9 Mp .373 introduced new hooks into the rpro9.exe that requires updated eft link plugin files, drop them in from the mp, they do not get dropped in during the install

To recap our discussion, the issue brought on by WT ID 71892 was related to a change made in the EFT_LINK.DLL. That change was not deployed to the user’s plugin folder as we do not as part of the MP automatically install that file. The change to the dll was basically a hook for our EFT interface that needs to be defined in each EFT plugin as RPRO9.EXE is looking for it. Putting in the latest EFT_LINK.dll, which I have attached to this email, will resolve the problem.
For now, please feel free to use the attached EFT_LINK files on installations that are configured to use EFT_LINK and that you are updating to the latest R5MP in order to avoid the “EFT software not licensed” message when starting a new receipt.
We will be creating a knowledgebase article on this topic shortly