ECI 2.0

the attached file is in m/appl/tech
the file is named:


Problem. Misc OS and application issues (outlook, word, visual basic, etc)
may come up as a result of ECI 2.0 installs using “Setup.exe” on disks or
downloads created prior to 8/31/01. Installs created using copy or
unzipping directly into the retail folder are not affected.

Cause: The ECI 2.0 “setup.exe” tool dated prior to 8/31/01 creates an error
caused by a MS Visual Basic object embedded in the setup.exe tool. ECI 2.0
itself is not affected. A new ECI 2.0 disk will be available mid-week next
week with the new installation tool.

Fix: To see if your machine is one that has a potential of being affected,
go to “start” – “find(search) for files and folders”, and type MSSTDFMT.DLL
then “enter.” If you have this file in your system32 folder AND if you used
the ECI “setup.exe” program to install ECI, then you may want to re-register
that DLL, especially if you are already experiencing any new strange program
errors. Most computers will not be affected.

To re-register the dll please refer to the attached sample. The sample is
from a W2k machine with a C: drive. The easiest way to install is to:

Type at start – run command box Regsvr32 then leave it open and
click start – find(search) files or folders for MSSTDFMT.DLL . If you have
one in the system32 file then it has been registered prior so using the
mouse highlight it and drag it to the run box that you opened prior. The
full path will populate. Hit enter and you will receive either a success or
failure message. If you do not find the dll during the search, then this
issue does not affect the computer you are working on.

This should be checked on ALL machines that the ECI 2.0 setup program was
run on prior to 8/31/01.