Feed Button Modes

Power Off Mode (Communications Diagnostics Mode)
With the printer power off, press and hold the Feed button while you turn on the power.
Flash Sequence Action

Rapid Red

Firmware Download Mode – The printer starts rapidly flashing red to denote entry into
the Firmware Download mode. Releasing the Feed button here will start initializing the
printer for download. The printer is ready to start downloading firmware when the status
light begins to slowly flash between red and green.


Normal Operations Mode – The printer continues into a normal printer initialization.
Releasing the Feed button here will allow the printer to start normally without firmware
download or operating in communications diagnostics mode.


Communications Diagnostic (Dump) Mode – Release the Feed button immediately after the printer status light turns green. The printer will print ‘Now in DUMP’ at the top of the label and then advance to the next label. After printing the first label, the printer will automatically enter into diagnostic mode in which the printer prints out a literal
representation of all data subsequently received.

To exit the diagnostic mode and resume printing, turn off and then turn on the printer. An
alternate method for exiting the diagnostic mode is to press the Feed button as many times as it takes to clear the printer’s command buffer and print ‘Out of DUMP’ on the label.