Files that are (nearly) always safe to delete: *.$$$ *.chk *.tmp *.bak *.old *.sav and an easy way to delete thru the entire directory structure: have customer type DOSKEY to assist in this process; CHECK FOR EXISTENCE OF CLEAN.BAT (if it exists, use different name) DIR /S /B *.$$$ >> CLEAN.BAT then using the up arrow key, change the $$$ to CHK, and enter; continue this process for all file types. EDIT CLEAN.BAT – have them check each file name to see if they want to delete, if not ^Y will clear the line. Next, place the word DEL in front of the first line, press HOME; using the SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW highlight the DEL (include the space) and press SHIFT+DELETE, then press SHIFT+INSERT. Then arrow down, SHIFT+INSERT for as many lines as they have. When complete, ALT, ENTER, X, ENTER to save loaded file and exit. At the dos prompt, type CLEAN, then DEL CLEAN.BAT.