1=Invalid ID(s)::VXN Error, ID(s) specified cannot be authenticated

2=Invalid Packet ID::VXN Error, Packet ID mismatch in request and response

6=Invalid Session Context::VXN Error, Session context invalid for the transaction

8=Network Error::VXN Error, Request can not be processed

9=Send Error::VXN Error, Error during request transmission

10=Receive Error::VXN Error, Error during response reception

11=Timeout Error::VXN Error, Transaction timed out

12=Invalid Request::VXN Error, Request packet can not be processed or decrypted

13=Bad DID Reg::Auth Failed, VXN Error, ID(s) provided do not match

14=Null Query::VXN Error, Query is null-filled

30=No Memory::VXN Error, Not enough memory

35=Invalid Service Name::VXN Error, Service name is invalid

40=Service Unavail::VXN Error, Service unavailable

41=XML Error::VXN Error, Send/receive failed due to XML error

42=HTTP Error::VXN Error, Send/receive failed due to HTTP access error

43=Internet Error::VXN Error, Send/receive failed due to internet error

44=Incorrect URL(s)::VXN Error, Incorrect URL format

45=No Service::VXN Error, URL unavailable for service

46=XML Parse Error::VXN Error, Cannot create XML parser

47=Request Overflow::VXN Error, Request too long

48=Incorrect Response::VXN Error, Response format error

51=Response Overflow::VXN Error, Response too long

52=Internet Timeout::VXN Error, Internet timed out

53=Send Error::VXN Error, Error when sending request

54=Receive Error::VXN Error, Error when receiving response

55=Retry Registration::VXN Error, Registration not complete

56=Duplicate Registration::VXN Error, Registration ticket already exists

57=Registration Failed::VXN Error, Registration failed, contact Datawire

58=Access Denied::VXN Error, Merchant already registered

59=MID/TID Incorrect::VXN Error, Incorrect MID/TID provided

60=Data Not Found::VXN Error, Data not in provisioning database

62=Invalid SSL Cert::VXN Error, Invalid SSL certificate from the server

200=Host Busy::VXN Error, Host busy, try again later

201=Host Unavail::VXN Error, Host not available

202=Host Conn Err::VXN Error, Cannot connect to host

203=Host Drop::VXN Error, Host disconnected during transaction

204=Host Comm Error::VXN Error, Host communication error

205=No Response::VXN Error, No response from host

206=Host Send Error::VXN Error, Cannot send to host, connection broken

405=Vxn Timeout::VXN Error, Vxn network timed out

505=Network Error::VXN Error, Vxn network error


50001=Invalid DID::Invalid DID specified.

50002=Invalid Packet ID::Invalid Packet ID.

50003=Invalid Dst IP::Invalid Destination IP.

50004=Invalid Dst Port::Invalid Destination Port.

50005=Invalid Data Len::Invalid Data Length.

50006=Invalid Session ID::Invalid Session ID.

50007=Socket Error::Socket Error.

50008=Network Error::Network Error.

50009=Send Error::Send Error.

50010=Receive Error::Receive Error.

50011=Response Timed Out::Response Timed Out.

50012=Insane Packet::Insane Packet.

50013=Auth Error DID::Authentication Error Invalid DID.

50014=Query Parameter Is NULL::Query Parameter Is NULL.

50015=Response Parameter Is NULL::Reponse Parameter Is NULL.

50016=Server Not Available::Server Not Available At Specified IP Address and Port.

50030=Not Enough Memory::Not Enough Memory.

50035=Invalid Service Name::Invalid Service Name.

50037=Session Error::Session with Given ID Already Exists.

50038=SDC Unavail::Service Discovery Not Available.

50040=Service Unavail::Service Not Available.

50200=Host Busy::Host Busy.

50201=Host Unavail::Host Not Available.

50202=No Connection::Unable to Connect to the Host.

50203=Host Disconnect::Host Disconnected in Transaction.

50204=Unknown Host Error::Unknown Host Communication Error.

50205=No Response::Unable to Get Response from Host.

50206=Cannot Send::Unable to Send to Host.

50999=Datawire Internal Net Error::Datawire Internal Network Error

;_Redirect=Error DATAWIRE


_Redirect=Error DATAWIRE


_Redirect=Error DATAWIRE


_Redirect=Error DATAWIRE

[Error VAL]

01=Denied, Insufficient funds

02=Denied, Account Closed

03=Denied, Unknown account

04=Denied, Inactive account

05=Denied, Expired card

06=Denied, Invalid transaction code

07=Denied, Invalid merchant

08=Denied, Already active

09=Denied, System error

10=Denied, Lost or stolen card

11=Denied, Not lost or stolen card

12=Denied, Invalid transaction format

15=Denied, Bad mag-stripe

16=Denied, Incorrect location

17=Denied, Max balanace exceeded

18=Denied, Invalid amount

19=Denied, Invalid clerk

20=Denied, Invalid password

21=Denied, Invalid new password

22=Denied, Exceeded account reload

23=Denied, Password retry exceeded

26=Denied, Incorrect transaction version

27=Denied, Request not permitted by account

28=Denied, Request not permitted by merchant

29=Denied, Bad reply date

30=Denied, Bad check sum

31=Denied, Balance not available

32=Denied, Account locked

33=Denied, No previous transaction

34=Denied, Already reversed

35=Denied, Generic denial

36=Denied, Bad authorization code

37=Denied, Too many transactions requested

38=Denied, No transactions available.

39=Denied, Transaction history not available

40=Denied, New password required.

41=Denied, Invalid status change

42=Denied, Void of activation after account activity.

43=Denied, No phone service

44=Denied, Internet access disabled

45=Denied, Bad EAN

46=Denied, Bad merchant key

47=Denied, Promotions not matching

48=Denied, Invalid trans source

49=Denied, Acct already linked

50=Denied, Acct not in inactive state

54=Denied, Currency/international flag conflict

55=Denied, Invalid currency

56=Denied, Request not international

57=Denied, Currency conversion error

[Error SVI]

01=Approval::Transaction was successful

02=Inactive card::Card in database but not an active status

03=Invalid card number::Card does not pass MOD-10 algorithm

04=Invalid transaction code::Transaction code is not in valid range

05=Insufficient funds::Card working balance is insufficient

06=No previous authorizations::Transaction to cancel not found

07=Invalid message::Table locked or unrecoverable error (retry transaction)

08=No card found::Card number not found in SVS Transaction History

09=Outstanding preauth::Card working balance minus outstanding authorization amount is insufficient

10=No preauth::Pre-authorization completion fails due to no pre-authorization

11=Not used::Not used

12=Not used::Not used

13=Over reload $ limit::Maximum amount for a single reload exceeded

14=Over balance limit::Reload would increase card working balance over limit

15=Shut down::Authorization server is shut down

16=Invalid card status::Card activation attempted on status other than inactive

17=Unknown store code::Store number not valid for merchant

18=Over reload # limit::Number of reload over limit

19=Invalid CVV::CVV failed decryption

20=Invalid PIN number::Invalid PIN Number

21=Card already issued::Issue Gift Card Transaction used on a card that has already been reloaded

22=Card not issued::Card Reload Transaction used on a card that has not been issued

23=Card already used::Reversal/Cancel Transaction attempted on Issue gift card after card has been used

24=Manual trans not allowed::Manual transactions (no CVV) not allowed on this BIN Range

25=Mag stripe read not valid::Non manual transactions (valid CVV) not allowed on this BIN range

26=Trans type unknown::Transaction type has not been set up on this BIN Range

27=Invalid tender type::Tender type submitted was not valid

28=Invalid customer type::Customer type submitted was not valid

29=PIN locked::PIN has been locked due to a velocity check

30=Over redemption limit::Transaction will exceed the maximum number of redemptions allowed for this card

31=Invalid currency code::Currency code provided is not supported

[Error AMI]


02=Invalid referral queue::Please call with referral queue number

03=Bad SE Number::Bad SE (Merchant) Number

12=Bad processing code::Bad processing code

13=Bad amount::Bad amount

14=Bad Cardholder info::Bad Cardholder account information

19=Edit error::Edit error

25=Invalid Terminal::Terminal not identified or inactive

30=Edit error::Edit error

51=Credit denied::Credit denied

58=Invalid service::Invalid service

76=Bad descriptor code::Bad descriptor code

77=Close batch error::Close batch error

78=Old ROC not found::Old ROC not found

79=Batch already open::Batch already open

82=No SOC slots ID::No SOC slots identified

85=Batch not found::Batch not found

91=System Unavailable::System not available

94=Duplicate sequence number::Duplicate sequence number

95=Bad reconciliation::Bad reconciliation – Send detail

96=Misc.processing error::Misc.processing error

AA=Card capture type invalid::Card capture type invalid