[Joe Resler — 04/08/2011 10:24:00 AM]
Hello Colt,

There are a few things that need to be considered when looking at Clean House. All of the following bullet points will prevent an item from being viewed in Clean House.

– Items that are in stock in any company location
– Items that are on active SO’s, PO’s, or TO’s
– Items that are Package and Kit components
– In-transit between store locations

Here is more information from the Clean House V9 documentation.

Why Committed Items Cannot Be Cleaned
If an item is listed on a PO, SO, or TO, it indicates that a customer or store is waiting for the item; therefore, the item should not be removed from inventory and is not listed in Clean House.
To make committed items display in Clean House, you must do one of the following:
Remove the item from the order document(s)
Inactive any unfilled POs, SOs, or TOs on which the item is listed
When the item has a zero quantity in inventory and is not listed on active, unfilled order documents, it will display in Clean House and be available for inactivation.

Skip Committed Field for Items
Each item has a Skip Committed field as part of the item record. The Skip Committed field determines whether or not the item is included when analyzing committed information. (By default, items are included when analyzing committed information)

Let me know if this information helps you.