Just ran across this error with School Time/Apparel. Had to do a lot of research to figure out what exactly was happening so wanted to pass this along.

Basically that is actually part of MS Office causing the error. Lots of other software’s are having the same issue with it. The error message actually says it is coming from CiceroUIWNDFrame.

Marty is trying the first fix below ((he didn’t’ have the correct OFffice CD on him to test when on the phone)) which has shown to fix other software issues with the same error.

The only fixes anyone has found is

1) go into add.remove programs ((or programs and features if Windows 7)), Fine MS office. Change MS office. Select advanced. Then make Alternative Input not avaliable. You may need the office CD for this change ((online some people said they needed it, others said they didn’t))

Second Option found is you uninstall the software getting the error and reisntalling it.