From Cayan Tech on 2/22/16

What Ports and Hosts To Allow on Firewall – Genius needs full access to all of these.

Stage transaction methods
Transaction methods from device
Transaction methods from POS
Terminal Downloads
Certificate Downloads

443: SSL
7622: SFTP (via SSH)

If we can’t allow the hosts by URL, and need an IP, we really don’t recommend allowing these by IP since they are subject to change, but the current IP of a host can be found by opening a terminal shell (cmd) and typing in ‘ping’ followed by a space and the URL. It will then show the current IP of that server. The hosts will not ping back.

IP Ranges
The strings below are a range of stable IP Addresses that we may switch to, and that should be kept open on the network. This can be used if the security system (firewall) doesn’t allow opening hosts, and only IP Addresses. /26 /26