The .TAR update is saved in T:DataEFTMerchant Warehouse; see below for manual install instructions.
***If you drop this onto a customers computer and then put on a flashdrive, make sure this file is the only file on the flashdrive, AND the flashdrive CANNOT be larger than 5GB (?!?!)

From: Ryan Driscoll []
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2015 6:18 AM
To: Marybeth Brown
Cc: Stephen Baker; Service Group
Subject: RE: DBA: Preferred Customer CLubs

Good Morning,

The version on these devices is in fact not in service as it allowed communication through SSL3 rather than TLS. All devices which were connected and sending in steady heartbeats were identified and upgraded to the latest version. If these devices were not connected since the time of our deployment, they would not have appeared on our list of active devices needing an update and that is the reason why they are not working currently.

We should not need to RMA the devices however, as the hardware is fine. What might be a better option, is to have the Genius application manually updated on each device. I assume these devices are in your possession currently correct? If so, you may use the latest Genius build (attached) and install locally on each device.

To update the application:

o Save the attached file to a USB flash drive (the drive should have no other files / folders on it) and insert the drive in the USB slot on the multi-port cable attached to the Genius device.
o Press the 1, 5, and 9 keys at the same time and hold for one second.
o Enter the password 166832 and press the Enter button on the keypad.
o Select the Transfer tab.
o Select the USB/SD Memory tab.
o Select the USB Storage 1 from the devices list.
o Select the “GENIUSITX_4.1.1.10.tar” file from the list.
o Select the Apply button.
o Screen will show a box that says, “Installing Files… Large bundles may take minutes”.
o When complete, screen will show a box that says, “Install Successful!”
o Select OK.
o Select Home in the upper left part of the screen.
o Select Run App.
o The device will start with the new app.

Allow the device to sit idly for a few minutes while connected to the internet so it may send a heartbeat to our servers.