I worked with a few cleints recently that have had pioneer POS units POWER SUPPLY go out. or if you have a pioneer that randomly the MSR beeps on and off that is another sign of a bad power supply. Anyway, Pioneer has a 3 year deopt warranty and thier warranty guy JIMMY said that is a known issue that they had some defecitve power supplys. if it is not under warranty from BHD call pioneer and they will send them a replacement power supply it is pretty simple for the cleint to do on their own. they also offer the cleint can send in the PC to them and they will replace the power supply for them.

JUST FYI if you see this issue. I have had 3 bad power supplys in the last 2 months. all out of warranty from BHD

Jimmies E-mail:
Send him the serial number of teh unit, and the adderss he needs to send the power supply to, also company name