When installing or reinstalling the “Backup Now!” CD backup software it is important to perform two extra steps:

1 – Install the update patch. This 1.7MB file (BUNNT2K_V2225_UPDATE_ENG.EXE)is downloadable from the web at We are also now including this file on the Tech disk. When we install the “Backup Now!” software here at BHD, then the update patch will be in the OPTIONS folder, too.

2 – Change the “Backup Now!” default setting of “Format 2” to “Format 1”. The is done from the TOOLS Menu. Then select CD DRIVE PROPERTIES. At this point you can make the change in BACKUP FORMAT from “FORMAT 2” to “FORMAT 1”. This allows a much wider array of media types to be used with the CD-RW drive and this software.

The Upgrade Patch needs to be applied.
We put this patch on the Tech CD and the patch is available on the Internet: