in regaurds to the Customer Display.

You have to use the dip switches to put the device into ECS/POS (Epson Command Type), as well as using them to put the display into a USA character set.

DIP Switches 1=OFF, 2=ON, 3=ON for ECS/POS
DIP Switches 4=ON, 5=ON, 6=ON, 7=ON for USA Character Set

Once this is done you have to download the Epson OPOS 2.5E drivers. After unzipping these drivers, run the setup program to install (choosing all defaults). Once the program is installed, if the OPOS config window opens, close it. Browse to C:Program FilesOPOSEpson2 and make a copy of the LdDMD202.inf file and rename it LdDMD202.old.

Once the copy has been made, edit the LdDMD202.inf file. Find the line that reads:

HandShakeSel = 2

and change this line to read:

HandShakeSel = 0

Once this change has been made, open the OPOS configuration utility. Create a new Line Display chooseing the DM-D202 display from the dropdown menu. Give the device a LDN, and choose COM4 as the communication port.

In RPRO, use OPOS 1.5 and the LDN you created earlier.