issue number 38212 in webtac

Hi chuck I have verified that this is a bug. install the newest hotfix and then with clean data make a sales order with a few items on it. then make a deposit equal to the full ammount of the sale. then record the sale. then delete the SO. do not archive, when it works it should go back to an empty SO screen as this was the only SO in the file. but what it does is show the SO number of the SO you just deleted on the screen with no items on it. if you try to delete it again it will still be there. Reconstruct and it dissapears. It seems like it is leaving it in the index and 7 7.63 displays it on the screen. I also tested in 8 series. it does not appear in on the screen in 8 series, but if you take the data from 8 and put into 7.63 you will see this “ghost” SO. SO’s are not getting deleted correctly out of the index in 8 series as well.

The Fix: I took an old activity.exe from the 9/18/04 HF and then it worked correctly.

Please log as a bug