Big Hairy Dog Intern Summer 2016

1. Provide an overview of what you’ve been doing since completing your internship with Big Hairy Dog?

After my internship at Big Hairy Dog, I’ve pursued a tech sales path, working with global software firms and an IT research company. I began as a business development rep and inside sales rep at Dell EMC in Boston, then became a field sales account executive at Gartner in Fort Myers, Tampa, and Scottsdale. Now, I’m a Sales Director at Celonis in Denver, leading a team of 7 AE’s.

2. Are there any specific skills, knowledge, or lessons you learned during your internship that you’ve continued to use in your current endeavors?

Big Hairy Dog provided a solid foundation for my sales career, emphasizing the importance of hard work and relationship-building. Successful sales hinge on these two key skills. While selling doesn’t require a rocket science degree, it demands relentless effort, especially through activities like cold calling. This internship taught me the value of persistence and the direct correlation between effort and earnings. Additionally, observing Mick and Sandy’s approach showed me that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Building relationships, active listening, and genuine care for customers keep prospects engaged and willing to collaborate when the time is right. Ultimately, sincerity and dedication are the driving forces in sales.

3. In what ways did your internship help you prepare for your current role or other opportunities you’ve pursued?

 My internship experience significantly distinguished me in my subsequent role as a business development representative at Dell EMC. I excelled in key metrics, consistently ranking as the top performer for four consecutive quarters. This success stemmed from my internship’s preparation, which equipped me with efficient dialing techniques, objection handling skills, and the ability to set up meetings effectively. While making over 100 dials might sound monotonous, we learned to enjoy it during the internship, even incorporating fun activities like ping pong between call blocks. Our enthusiasm and positive attitude translated well over the phone. We prioritized call lists, maintained focus during call blocks, and fostered a competitive spirit with games and rewards. Ultimately, finding what motivates you is crucial for success.

4. Can you share any achievements or milestones you’ve reached since your internship that you’re particularly proud of?

While at Gartner, I won the Best Team Player Award 3 years in a row and won the Eagle Award once which is for the #1 top sales rep in the company. I was the first person in the business unit I was aligned to achieve that award. I love setting the standard high, raising the bar for everyone else, showing them what’s possible with a no limits mindset, and then sharing my best practices and coaching others to improve their sales skills too. On every team that I’ve been a part of, I try to instill a “Better Together” & “The best team wins” mindset.  

5. Are there specific aspects of your internship experience that you believe have contributed to your ability to adapt to new environments or challenges?

A key factor in my growth as a sales representative has been adopting the role of a quarterback for each account, ensuring that the right team members are engaged at the right time. This involves recognizing when to bring in support from various departments such as senior leadership, marketing, legal, finance, IT, and product marketing. During my internship, I appreciated the open collaboration among all business units, fostering an environment where seeking help and learning about different job functions was encouraged. One of my strengths is reaching out to experts when facing business or deal challenges, in contrast to the “lone wolf” approach. It’s essential to leverage the expertise available at Big Hairy Dog, as everyone is genuinely invested in your success.