Retail Pro V8 Training Videos

PI Tools - Pre-count sheets

How to Create a Pre-Count Sheet for a Physical Inventory

Accounting - Creating a Receipt for QuickBooks Accounting Link

How to Create a Receipt for QuickBooks Acounting Link

Accounting - How to import Receipts into QB

How to import Receipts into QuickBooks

Accounting -How to import Vouchers into QB

How to import Vouchers into QuickBooks

Advanced Operations - Updating Licensing

How to update your licensing for Retail pro

Advanced Operations - Customizing Side Bar

How to Customize the Side Bar in Retail Pro

Advanced Operations - Using Sales Charts

How to Create a Sales Chart

Advanced Operations - How to create a list of recently added customers

How to create a list of recently added customers

Advanced Operations - Licenses

How to adjust your licenses

System/WS Preferences - Rounding Cash

How to Round Cash up to nearest .05 in Retail Pro

System/WS Preferences

Conducting a Tax-Free Event

System/WS Preferences - Changing Tax Rate

How to change tax rate in RPRO v8

System/WS Preferences - How to assign number of months to display in Customer History

How to assign number of months to display in Customer History

System/WS Preferences - POS Flag

How to report on POS Flags

Doc/Screen Design - Removing Credit Card Info from Customer Receipt

Removing Credit Card Info from Customer Receipt

Doc/Screen Design - Creating a Sales Receipts

How to create a basic sales Receipt

Doc/Screen Design - Logo

How to Add a Logo to a Receipt

Doc/Screen Design - Sales Receipts

How to add a return policy to a sales receipt

Reports - Sales Commission

How to run a Sales Receipt Journal

Reports - Creating Report Groups

How to create a Report Group

Reports - Best Seller

How to run a Best Seller report

Reports - Scheduling Report Groups

How to schedule your Report Group

Reports -Exporting Reports to another File Format

Exporting Reports to another File Format

Auto Utilities - Changing Field Labels in Retail Pro

Changing Field Labels in Retail Pro v8

Auto Utilities - Auto PO's

How to use Auto PO's

Auto Utilities - Auto Min Max

How to use Auto Min Max

SecAdmin - New Users

How to add new users to Retail Pro

SecAdmin - PCI Compliant Passwords

How to setup PCI Compliant Passwords

SecAdmin - Adding Employees

How to Add Employees

Multi-Store - Initializing Security

How to poll security to a remote store

Multi-Store - Allocation Patterns

How to setup allocation patterns

Sales Order - Creating a Registry SO

How to Create a Registry SO

POS - Customer History

Using Customer History

POS - Adding a Field in the POS Screen

How to add a Field to the POS Screen

POS - Gift Cards in Retail Pro

How to Issue Gift Cards

POS - Coupons

How to Use Coupons

POS - Gift Certificates

Using Gift Certificates at POS

POS - Gift Card

How to sell and redeem gift cards

POS - Emailing Receipts

How to Email a Receipt

POS - Customer System Date

Tracking customers by date entered

POS - Customer Labels

Creating Customer Labels

POS - Customer Aux Fields

Uses for the customer auxiliary fields

POS - Creating Coupons

How to create coupons

POS - Checking In/Out of Retail Pro

How to check in/out of Retail Pro v8

Memos - Quantity Memos

How to adjust inventory using Memos

Purchasing/Receiving - Receiving Vouchers

How to create receiving vouchers

Purchasing/Receiving - Return Vouchers

How to do a return voucher

Purchasing/Receiving - Adding a PO

How to add a Purchase Order

Inventory - Serial Numbers

How to set-up Serial Numbers

Inventory - Promo Pricing

How to use Promo Pricing

Inventory - Recalculate SRO

How to Recalculate SRO

Inventory - Planned Markdowns

How to create planned markdowns

Inventory - Packages

How to setup Packages

Inventory - Mark Downs

How to Create Mark Downs

Inventory - List View

How to modify List View

Inventory - Kits

How to add an item Image

Inventory - Add an Image

How to add an item Image

Inventory - Inventory Fields

How to use Non-Inventory and Discount Date Fields

Inventory - Entering in Inventory

How to add new inventory to Retail Pro

Inventory - Grid Scales

How to setup scales for your grids

Inventory - Document Design

How to add a logo to a receipt

Inventory - Decimal Quantities

How to use decimal quantities in inventory

Inventory - Count Sheets

Creating an Inventory Count Sheet

Inventory - Clean House

How to run clean house

Inventory - Changing Tax Rate

How to change a tax rate.

Inventory - Adding a Bag Fee

How to add a bag fee in v8 of Retail Pro

Inventory - Adding an Image

Adding an Image in Retail Pro V8 Inventory Item, Screen & Document

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