SYSOP ReTraining

Big Hairy Dog requires each customer to have a dedicated Retail Pro System Manager (SYSOP).
A SYSOP is a person fully trained on Retail Pro, who has completed the Training Checklist, and who is the Retail Pro ‘point person’ for their staff as well as the contact for Big Hairy Dog. We understand the importance of having one person being the first line of defense for Retail Pro. The smooth operation of your business depends upon it.

For that reason, Big Hairy Dog provides discounted retraining when a company loses their SYSOP. Discounted retraining may be purchased in one payment of $2,250, which includes up to 20 hours of training to get the new manager fully trained on the Retail Pro training checklist. This discounted retraining can be used for training only, and does not include tech support.

If you wish, you may pay for retraining as you go, prepaying prior to each training appointment scheduled. If you choose to use this method of payment, you are charged at your regular hourly support rate fee. In most cases, the discounted retraining saves you $750.

Additionally, if a SYSOP leaves mid-checklist, retraining UP TO that point on the checklist is FREE. Any remaining portions of the checklist still fall under the original 20 hours purchased. If a SYSOP leaves a company within 60 days of completion of the training checklist, that company will also receive FREE retraining for their new SYSOP. Current Software Assurance (Membership) is required in order for a new SYSOP to qualify to receive discounted retraining.

Once a SYSOP is fully trained in all areas of the Big Hairy Dog training checklist, the SYSOP may receive FREE Refresher Training on any area of the checklist and may also attend the Big Hairy Dog FREE Webinars. Current Software Assurance (Membership) is required in order for a SYSOP to qualify to receive FREE Refresher Training.

If your company qualifies for Discounted Retraining, or FREE Refresher Training, please contact us today and schedule your training. A dedicated and fully trained SYSOP is the key to your company’s success with Retail Pro.

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