Scanner Rental

Doing physical inventory?

We offer three different models of data collectors for Retail Pro

Symbol (Palm Technology)

For QuickBooks POS

Metrologic Optimus
*This scanner can be purchased for $799.

**It’s $200/day to rent a scanner, regardless of brand. (Saturday and Sunday are considered as one day.) We pay to have the scanner shipped to you; however, you pay for return shipping.

Please Note: Overnight shipping is required in order to receive your scanner the next day. Each unit must be insured for $1,500.

Scanner Training

We will schedule a two-hour training with you; however, if you don’t need the entire two hours, you will only be billed for the minutes used. You may also choose to opt out of training. In this instance, a “Training Waiver” will be faxed to you, which must be signed and faxed back to us.

To reserve a scanner, simply fill out the form below and send back to We will then contact you to confirm details.


PT 2000 RENTAL (Retail Pro)


Helpful Tip: We recommend making your reservation as soon as you’ve confirmed your inventory date(s), as most retailers do physical inventory at the beginning and end of the calendar year.

**Price applies to customers current on Software Assurance.