Retail Pro Software Assurance

The Software Assurance Program is another great example of how Retail Pro and Big Hairy Dog will continue to work for you – long after your initial investment. It provides peace of mind knowing you’ll NEVER have to purchase another Point-of-Sale or Store Management Program. Our Software Assurance Upgrade Program insures that as your business grows you will continue to benefit from the development of new features and enhancements for Retail Pro.

Your participation in the Retail Pro Software Assurance Program entitles you to ALL of the benefits listed below, making this a smart investment for your business:

FREE* Software Upgrades
You may now take advantage of all new software upgrades as they are released. Upgrades help increase system efficiency and value by incorporating the latest technology and product enhancements. *Refers to the Retail Pro software only. Training and technical time, as well as any necessary hardware is additional.

FREE Retraining
If your current System Operator has completed the training checklist and they have a question, need a ”refresher” or additional training, the training is provided FREE, for the version they were initially trained on.

FREE Training Webinars
Big Hairy Dog offers FREE training webinars twice a month on different Retail Pro topics. Request a webinar on a topic you choose!

Discounted Tech Support Rates
Tech support rates will be reduced to $175 an hour. That’s $175 less an hour – a 50% savings!

FREE Loaner Hardware Program
Big Hairy Dog provides 30-day loaner service for any broken hardware at no hardware charge. Client pays only for shipping and tech time used.

Discounted New System Operator Training
If you lose your current Big Hairy Dog-trained System Operator we will train your new System Operator for only $2,675, which includes 20 hours of training. That is a discount of $4,375!

FREE Access to Big Hairy Dog Technicians via Big Hairy Dog Chat Room
You may access the Chat Room from the Big Hairy Dog Website, and enjoy FREE access to the Big Hairy Dog technical staff. This service is available Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time.

FREE Technical Message Board
The Message Board, accessible from the Big Hairy Dog Website, provides you a place to post technical questions. Our technical staff will post responses to your questions within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

FREE Email Access to Our Retail Pro Technicians You will be provided FREE access to Big Hairy Dog technicians and sales support staff.

FREE Access to Big Hairy Dog Knowledge Base
30 years of acquired knowledge and ‘Answer Book’ resolutions make this the most comprehensive Knowledge Base in the industry. Please call Big Hairy Dog Service Department to receive the password.

PT Inventory Rental Units
Big Hairy Dog rents Portable Inventory Units at an affordable price to assist in your physical inventories.”

“Big Hairy Dog is committed to bringing you the best in retail management and point-of-sale software today and as you continue to grow. Ongoing improvements and feature enhancements for Retail Pro are the result of our passion for perfection, and our dedication to continued product development. And for you, the retailer, it means never having to purchase another POS system – EVER!”


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