After-Hours Support

Big Hairy Dog to the Rescue!

We’re here to help any time you experience a downcall (are unable to process a
sales transaction).

Big Hairy Dog Regular Support Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6AM-6PM PST
Saturday: 9AM-5PM PST
Sunday: 9AM-2PM PST

Please call the following number, and you will either be transferred directly to one of our certified technicians or put on our urgent call-back list: 916.368.1070

How to Access Support After Regular Hours:

Use the following number: 916.368.1070

You will receive a call back within 30 minutes.

After-Hours Rates:

Monday – Friday $187/hour
Saturday – Sunday $250/hour
Holidays $315/hour

Monday – Friday $265/hour
Saturday – Sunday $350/hour
Holidays $435/hour

Please Note:

– All after-hours calls are subject to after-hours rates.
– You will be billed a minimum of $250.
– The $250 rate reflects Member Prices and requires Software Assurance.
– International calls can be made via SKYPE only.
– You will be billed by the minute.