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25 + Splendid Entertaining Speech Topics with Writing Hacks


Whether you have to deliver a college essay in a competition or as part of the classroom activity, you will need to select an appropriate yet entertaining topic. Honestly, this process of finding the right topic is not so easy. You will need to do some research to select the most suitable theme that’s perfect for the moment. 


For this, students often try different ways and methods. Yet unfortunately, most of them are unable to come up with anything substantial, and the speech still ends up generic and boring. Furthermore, if it is about choosing an entertaining topic for speech, it is a more complex scenario. 


Picking an amusing topic for speech is a lot more difficult than the conventional approach of selecting a speech topic. There are a number of things to take care of, for instance, while selecting an entertaining speech topic, you must take care of different aspects such as your speech topic should not harm someone’s emotions. 




Fortunately, you can conveniently avoid such situations by purchasing model speeches from essay writing services. Seeking professional assistance will surely help you to better understand how to write on write my essay and craft a theme that goes with the moment. Let’s have a look at some of the impressive entertaining speech topics, so you can get a good idea in this regard. 

  1. Cats are better pets than dogs. 
  2. How would you place yourself in Harry Potter’s world?
  3. What is my idea of ruling the world?
  4. How are you more than an average person?
  5. Best surprise of my life.
  6. Vote me for the next president of the country.
  7. My cooking skills.
  8. Ways to prepare yourself for an exam.
  9. What you can do with a million dollars?
  10. My favorite holiday destination.
  11. My summer plans.
  12. Best jobs in the world.
  13. Great things about mountains.
  14. I watched the best movie.
  15. Most appealing aspects of someone’s personality. 
  16. My favorite sibling. 
  17. How branding influences your choices as consumers?
  18. How can society determine something to be normal?
  19. How to successfully handle the concept of “out of the box”. 
  20. Pick up lines that always work. 
  21. My worst date.
  22. Dieting and my favorite chocolates. 
  23. My favorite video game.
  24. The information I shared on Facebook.
  25. The moment I sent a WhatsApp message to the wrong person.
  26. Why I can’t say no to pizza. 



Once you get an idea about some of the exciting entertaining speech topics essay writer can use, let me share some bonus tips with you that would help you build a winning speech. One of the major tricks in this regard is to start your speech with a great hook. It is your first and foremost opportunity, and it's very crucial for you to grab the audience’s attention here. 


Give your speech a mind-blowing start but a successful hook also needs you to know your audience and anticipate their reaction. The reaction of the audience must be taken into account whilst designing the overall theme and contents. Knowing something valuable about them will help you to add specific elements in a speech that can keep your audience engaged.


Another important technique to keep your speech interesting is to maintain the flow within the text. The organization of the structure is extremely important to build a necessary connection between all the elements of your speech. This approach will help you to present your main idea more concisely and make it easier for the audience to grasp the intended meaning.


Another crucial writing hack while structuring the entertaining speech is to be sensitive. Take extra care of this aspect that your words never hurt anyone’s sensitivities. Keep the element of respect as an important factor once you are going to stand in front of the audience. And if you’re in doubt, feel free to consult a write my college essay to help you design the perfect speech keeping all these elements in check. 


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