Four Heads are Better than One

bhdtech | 15 October, 2008 11:48

Paul, one of the senior Techs at BHD, recently assisted Nike in their retail store at the Chicago Marathon. An issue arose which required 23 PCs to be reconfigured. Paul called BHD to get some information from Werner, a fellow senior tech. Werner mentioned the situation at the Chicago Marathon to the other BHD techs and soon Nathan and Rich picked up their phones and dialed into the PCs at the Chicago event to help reconfigure them remotely.

Paul reports that the situation came up unexpectedly and a plan of action was quickly agreed upon. The entire issue was resolved within a very brief period of time, thanks to the spontaneous teamwork that is a fundamental part of Big Hairy Dog service. "We break every rule to take care of our customers!"
Purging Sales Orders with ECI link open - BHD has the FIX

bhdtech | 09 October, 2008 13:28

A technical issue has been discovered when customers attempt to purge Sales Orders while the ECI integration link is open. This includes the link being open even at the main screen. Some customers have experienced duplication of Sales Orders while purging with the ECI link open.

Retail Pro is working on a permanent fix to this problem, however to remedy this in the short term, please do not purge Sales Orders until you are completly closed out of ECI.

If you have any questions about this issue, please call a Big Hairy Dog Tech at 916-368-1070.
BHD Sends Raffle Winner to Hawaii

bhdtech | 07 October, 2008 12:50

Big Hairy Dog held a raffle during the last tradeshow season. Any new prospect who scheduled and received a Retail Pro demonstration at the show, was entered into a drawing for a free Hawaii vacation.
The Rain Shed, a fabric and notions shop, located in Corvallis, OR won the raffle. They recently returned from their trip, and shared some pictures with us. The photo above was taken atop Diamond Head volcano.
The Rain Shed is now enjoying the benefits of Retail Pro technology in their shop. They remarked, "We wanted a cruise for our 25th anniversary (9/4/07) but we bought a thirty year old business instead. BHD is helping us bring it into the 21st century technology-wise. We have had nothing but good experiences with you which makes life easier. You even provided us with this wonderful, relaxing, much needed break."
Congratulations to Glenda and Mike on the success of their new business, and on winning the trip to Hawaii.
Security Not Polling? BHD has the Fix!

bhdtech | 06 October, 2008 17:23

Are you having problems with your security settings while polling to remotes? If so, Big Hairy Dog has the fix.

Recently Retail Pro wrote an update in the software, which is essentially a hidden "secret" switch that stops security from being overwritten at remote sites.

PROBLEM: Once you�ve initialized for security, new or changed user info does NOT poll over, even though RPRO says �SECURITY HAS BEEN UPDATED�. In reality, the new or changed user info has NOT been updated.

FIX: The fix for this is to edit the RPROUI.INI file. Open the file and go to the very bottom of the page. Find the section that says:


This setting needs to be set to 1. This will allow security to be updated at the remote. If you are experiencing this problem, fix the RPROUI.INI file as follows:


This step must be taken at ALL REMOTE LOCATIONS. Then reinitialize security and the issue will be resolved.

We invite you to call BHD tech support for assistance with this issue.
BHD Tech line: 916-368-1070
Embellish recognized in Sacramento Magazine

bhdtech | 03 October, 2008 12:44

Embellish, a BHD customer, and quaint European-style home-decor gift shop, was recognized in the September, 2008 edition of Sacramento Magazine. Part of the charm of Embellish comes from the 1800s era brick building the shop is housed in, and contains 2000 sq. ft. of lamps, candles, clocks, tapestries, jewelry and much, much more.



Located in old town Elk Grove, CA, Embellish is a thriving specialty retailer using Retail Pro to manage its technology needs.
Congratulations to Embellish, another great customer!
BHD Demos Retail Pro to Many Interested Retailers at Tradeshows

bhdtech | 01 September, 2008 21:54

Big Hairy Dog Sales, Training and Tech Staff have been busy giving demonstrations of Retail Pro to retailers all over the country.

The BHD booth at MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas, (right) was filled with shoppers looking for the best solution for their POS and Inventory Control needs. Also present were BHD customers who were able to schedule time to receive free training and tech support.

BHD Sales Reps, Karen and Pam, (below) respond to questions from interested attendees. Traveling to shows from New York to San Diego is an important way to reach those retailers looking for a better solution to their business needs. We find they are always amazed at the flexibility, scalability and ease of use that Retail Pro offers.

Beware of Anti-virus MALWARE

bhdtech | 30 August, 2008 21:07

The �Antivirus XP 2008� and the �Vista Antivirus 2008� is designed to warn users that it has detected a virus on their computer, and tries to trick the user into purchasing this software to eliminate the virus. These programs, shown on the left, are actually MALWARE (malicious software) programs.

Below is a link to a MALWARE remover that removes both Vista and XP versions of this software and is absolutely FREE.

We recommend if you have this software on your PC please call Big Hairy Dog to help you remove it . Call 916-368-1070 if you have questions about this software, or would like BHD to assist you regarding this issue.

Big Hairy Dog Traveling to Trade Shows

bhdtech | 01 August, 2008 12:36

Big Hairy Dog participates each year in a number of Retailer Trade Shows around the country. We demonstrate Retail Pro software to retailers specializing in apparel, gifts, sports and footwear, just to name a few.

When the 2008 Summer Trade Shows are over, Big Hairy Dog sales reps, techs and trainers will have traveled to Portland, Atlanta, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Chicago, and San Diego. We are always happy to help retailers across the nation find better business solutions to their POS, Inventory Management and data capture and reporting processes.

Big Hairy Dog also uses these trade shows as a time to offer free tech support to our customers. Customers may call and schedule time with a BHD tech at a trade show. This gives us another opportunity to connect with our great customers as well as provide FREE tech support. We consider this just another way to live by our motto:
�We break every rule to take care of our customers.�
Big Hairy Dog at the US Track & Field Olympic Trials

bhdtech | 30 June, 2008 13:13

The top track and field athletes in the United States recently met at the University of Oregon in Eugene for 10 days of competition at their Fourth U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials.

Nike was a huge presence at the Trials, operating from a 2500 sq. ft. tent, where visitors could purchase a large variety of Nike and other products. Big Hairy Dog was there, as well, assisting in the smooth operation of the selling of merchandise in the tent area. Seven Retail Pro registers accommodated the enormous volume of sales.

Big Hairy Dog applauds all of the athletes who competed, and congratulates those will be going on to Beijing.
Big Hairy Turkey?

bhdtech | 24 June, 2008 13:38

Big Hairy Dog is located in a part of Sacramento where wild turkeys run free. We have a few favorites that hang around our front entrance. Locals accept that turkeys have the right-of-way, and brake for them, drive around them, and generally protect them from traffic. Here is a picture of our Big Hairy Turkey.
Rivercats Baseball and Retail Pro - A Winning Team!

bhdtech | 18 June, 2008 13:50

Big Hairy Dog staff recently enjoyed a night of minor league baseball. The Sacramento Rivercats played against the Tacoma Rainiers and our Rivercats gave us another big win.
The Sacramento Rivercats is another great customer of Big Hairy Dog. They run a smooth operation with Retail Pro. They are one of a growing number of sports teams successfully operating their organization with Retail Pro and the support of Big Hairy Dog!
BHD offers FREE Retail Pro Training Videos

bhdtech | 08 June, 2008 14:43

During a Courtesy Call, one of our customers recently asked Are those training videos on your website REALLY FREE??

The answer is YES! Big Hairy Dog offers a library of FREE TRAINING VIDEOS for you to download and view at your convenience, and at your own pace. These videos cover topics from Inventory, Back Office, POS, Tools & Advanced Features, Reports, and Tech Tips. And these videos do not just cover high-level general information; they are detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you through any aspect of the system. Over 60 videos in all!

Just another way BHD puts you first!

bhdtech | 23 May, 2008 15:26

In the SYSTECH units that have been sent out to upgrade from modem, there are three optional dialup numbers that were initially programmed by the SYSTECH manufacturer. Big Hairy Dog has discovered the primary (default) dialup phone number to IP translation is INVALID, (800-950-8950). If you use this number to dialup, you will receive an error message saying �This number cannot be reached from you calling area.�

There are two other phone numbers translating to IP. These are:

Both of these numbers are valid roll-over numbers, and can be used without error.

If you are experiencing this error, please call Big Hairy Dog at 800-377-7776, and we will correct this issue for you.
BHD has Solution for Trend Micro Error

bhdtech | 30 April, 2008 13:46

The latest update of Trend Micro Virus Software is causing problems with many software programs, including Retail Pro.

If you are experiencing problems running Retail Pro as a result of a Trend Micro Virus update, please call Big Hairy Dog at 916-368-1070. A tech will resolve the problem for you.
BHD Service - The Never Ending Story

bhdtech | 21 April, 2008 14:10

Sneaker Villa purchased Retail Pro from Big Hairy Dog and enjoyed their support for several years, until a new CFO decided that they would do better with a local service provider. At that time, Jared Sadlowsky headed up the IT Department and agreed to transfer to a New York dealer only because he was promised that IT would be taken off his plate.

The new dealer was providing next-day return of down calls, and when Jared called with an issue, would hear the rapid page-turning of the Retail Pro manual as his dealer tried to locate an answer.

When the CFO decided that the IT Department was, indeed, best handled by Jared, it landed again on his plate. Jared agreed to take back IT management only if Sneaker Villa transferred support back to Big Hairy Dog.

Jared is now the VP of Store Development but can remember many experiences he�s had with BHD. He says �When I called to ask a question, Paul or Werner had the answer before I could even finish my sentence. There is such a comfort level working with BHD. I could go on for days about their excellent service.�
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